Payroll service providers

paygate gives payroll service providers the ability to easily process Bacs payments without Bacs Approved Bureau (BAB) status.

Extend payroll services to include Bacs processing, without Bacs approved bureau status

With paygate, you can take greater control of the entire Bacs process; spend less time jumping through the BAB accreditation hoops and more time growing your business.


If you’re already a BAB, or using a third-party Bureau, paygate’s rich functionality helps you better manage your bureau customers and easily automate submissions.

“paygate is a vital part of our service, it’s simple, quick and efficient. Being able to process multi pay dates within our files is an absolute bonus and reduces the number of files we need to run.”

MLR Payroll

paygate integrates seamlessly with any payroll software

Elevate your payroll service by submitting directly to Bacs for quick, secure and cost-effective processing.